Top Bake Bread, Rusk, Pav, Bun Improvers

Vintop’s Improver range consists of premium blend of enzymes and reducing agents, which improves machinability of the dough and decreases the baking time required for breads / buns / rusk even with low sugar content.

Our is a leading brand when it comes to improvers as we use highly concentrated enzymes unlike many other in the market and it is absolutely Bromate & Iodate Free.

These are a mix of various enzymes that serve to strengthen the gluten in the flour and feed the yeast, both of which yield better result, thus improving the texture, color & volume of all varieties of bread / buns.

Rusk Improver – Designed to keep rusks crispy, and give an enhanced volume and golden brown colour, it gives a crunchier and crispier crumb, and an enhanced malty aroma.

Dosage: 3% of the flour weight

Pack Size: 500 gm pouch packing * 40

1 Kg pouch packing * 20

Special Packing: 25Kg Bulk Packing and 100 gm standing pouch for home bakers

Also available: bread improver concentrates in bulk packing.

Goldys Cake Gel

Goldy’s Cake gel is a Cake Improver, comprised of premium quality emulsifiers and humectants, which greatly improves yield through increased aeration & provides a more uniform crumb structure, and raises volumes. It also improves softness, moistness and texture.

Can be used for sponge / bar /cup cakes and muffins.

Dosage: 4-8 % on flour weight

Pack Size: 1 Kg jar * 20 / 10 and 20 Kg bulk packing

Vinsoft Cake Softner

It is a blend of humectants and sucrose which increases the softness by reducing sugar crystallization and retaining the inherent moisture and sponginess of cakes. Can also be used as a softner for sweets which tend to harden due to high sugar content.

Dosage: Replace 10-15% of sugar content in the recipe with VinSoft Cake Softner

Packing: 1 Liter / 5 Liter / 35 Liter

Vincrispy Cookies Improver

Vincrispy is a plant protease formulation, a blend of liquid emulsifiers that helps to condition the flour dough for bakery application. Using this product makes cookies, biscuits, crakers and wafers crisp and tastier than before, while increasing the stack strength.

Dosage: 3-5% of the flour weight

Pack Size: 500 ml / 1 Liter / 35 Liter Bulk packing

Custard Powder

It is a premium eggfree custard powder, which gives rich taste and body to  fruit salad. Primarily made up of thickeners that give pudding like structure. It is one of the most preferred and easy to make dessert.

Also available in Instant bakestable variant.

Pack Size: Available in 1 Kg pouch packing * 25

Special Packing: 2 Kg Box Packing * 4 and 25 Kg Bulk Packing

Baking Powder: Double action, Triple action and Aluminium Free

Vintop’s Baking Powder is a high performing leavening agent which gives unmatched volume, lightening and texture for premium baked goods.

Dosage: Add 1.5 to 3% of flour weight to get good raising.

Pack Size:

Double Action: 1 Kg pouch packing * 25

Special Packing: 3 Kg Box Packing * 5 and 100 gm standing pouch for home bakers

Triple Action: 500 gms box packing * 20

Aluminium Free: 500 gms pouch packing * 40

MURARI Milk Flavour

Murari adds milk flavor to any baked product like bread, bun, cakes, sweets and ice-creams. Murari is very easy to use and economical. This product is not a direct substitute for milk powder.

Dosage: Reduce the milk powder content in the recipe by 10% and add equivalent quantity of Murari Milk Flavour.

Packing: 1Kg pouch packing * 25

Vanilla Flavour

Powder vanilla flavour is easy to use in bakery products. Can also be used in biscuits, cookies, sweet, toffees, beverages and ice cream to add a sweet vanilla note. Available in Extra Strong and regular flavour strengths.


Vanilla Powder Super Fine: 0.2 – 0.3% of the flour weight

Vanilla Powder Extra Strong: 0.1 – 0.15% of the flour weight

Packing: 500 gm pouch packing * 40 / 500 gm jar packing * 20

Eggless Cake Premix in Vanilla & Chocolate Flavours

‘Top Bake’ Eggless Cake Premix is a 100% vegetarian cake premix useful to make best quality egg-free cakes with excellent colour, flavour and softness. It is easy to make, hassle-free and requires only water and oil to prepare the 100% vegetarian cake. Available in Vanilla & Chocolate Flavours. Sponge Cake variant available too.

Eggless Chocolava Premix

Molten chocolate cake is a new age dessert favourite amongst children, made by combining the elements of a flourless chocolate cake with a lava in the centre oozing out in every bite. This instant cake can be prepared in 15 minutes.

Eggless Chocolate Mousse Premix

A delicious, light and frozen gelatin and egg-free dessert and rich in chocolate flavour. Though light and airy in texture, it is a highly stable dessert with creamy and smooth mouthfeel.

Eggless Brownie Premix

A dense, gooey and moist gluten and eggfree dessert with rich cocoa flavour, makes it an alternate to the usual cakes and muffin. Add choco chips / walnuts for enhanced taste.

Eggless Donut Premix

It is an eggless dessert / confectionary made by deep frying flour dough into a ring shaped structure and decorated with various colours, flavours and toppings.

Packing: All Cake Premixes are available in 1 Kg packing * 20 / 5 Kg pouch packing * 4

Micro Fine Sugar

Vintop’s Micro Fine Sugar gives extra whiteness in icing fondant and other bakery topping.

Dosage: As per fondant requirement.

Pack Size: 1 Kg pouch packing * 25

Whipping Cream Powder

Vintop’s Cream Powder is a free flowing powder with a creamy milk profile, ideal for replacing fresh whipped cream with better output and easy storage. It delivers great taste when reconstituted and whipped. It provides neutral whipping base, suitable for all applications; including frozen desserts, cake decorations and fillings. It enhances the taste of cake


Pack Size: 500 gms pouch packing * 40

Special Packing: 25 Kg Bulk Packing and 100 gm standing pouch for home bakers

Rangoli – Liquid Food Colours

These are highly concentrated food colours in liquid form in wide range of creative colours, making it easy to use as decorative and to add beauty to the end product like cakes, whip topping creams, Icecreams, sweets, sharbats, jams, jellies, and any other food products.

Colours: Rose, Chocolate, Lemon Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Tomato Red, Raspberry Red

Pack Size: 500 ml clear bottle * 20 / 100 ml * 10

Special packing: Assorted colours in 20 ml * 10 in a box

Goldy’s Glazing Gel

Vintops Glazing Gel is a premium quality cold topping glaze with thixotropic property which gives excellent spreadability and adds shine to desserts & gels well with the toppings in cakes, pastries and glazed fruits.


Flavours Available: Neutral, Black Currant, Blueberry, Butterscotch, Caramel, Chocolate, Kiwi, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry.

Pack Size: 2.5 Kg bucket * 6

Liquid Flavours











Black Currant








Mixed Fruit


Pack Size: 500 ml * 20 / 100 ml *10 *10

Special Packing: 20 ml in assorted packing for home bakers